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The Top 16: Home

The Top 16 is a recreational reading program administered by the librarians at SHS and PHS.

The Top 16 is here. Read for fun!

The Top 16 is an annual list of new YA fiction chosen by the librarians to promote and encourage recreational reading at Schaumburg High School.  The Top 16 covers topics most requested by students such as mystery, history, fantasy and science fiction and the reality of teen dating, family relationships and being generally misunderstood! Participation is easy; the hard part is deciding which book to read first!

During the year we will host parties and offer prizes for students who read and review the books.  Multiple copies of the books are located on the display table in the library. All Top 16 books will be available to read on your iPad using the OverDrive app, and many are also offered in audio version.  Please see a librarian for more information. 

How to participate:

  1. browse the online list or display in the library to choose the book you'd like to read
  2. check the book out in the library or on the OverDrive App on your iPad
  3. read the book
  4. write a short review of the book Top 16 Review Form
  5. check your email for notification of book events and rewards for choosing to read

The Top 16 program is created and maintained by PHS and SHS librarians.